Samuel Vargas Scholars

SV Scholars are a small subset of qualifying students who apply and are selected by a panel of international violinists, including Maestro Vargas. SV Scholars are a part of Maestro Vargas’ personal studio, which gives them the opportunity to be integrated into the professional and artistic development activities sponsored by the Foundation. In weekly lessons, the participants are guided through an intensive study of technique, musicality, and the discovery of their individuality, outlined through pedagogical strategies and intentional repertoire sequencing. 

All instruction, courses, and materials are given to the SV Scholars at no cost. In addition, the students in this program earn the privilege to be the recipients of material donations given by the Foundation, including but not limited to strings, accessories, and music. These students usually remain in the program long-term, as enrollment extends to fit the individual needs and goals. The program also encourages and guides the most experienced performers to pursue their own experiences in the art of teaching, spreading the power of classical music and creative education beyond themselves and into their own communities.

Interested to apply to our SV scholars program?

Our applications will be opening up again on June 1st, 2022. More details and updates will be posted on our social platforms.

Ausberto Rivas, 26

Based in: Perú

“I want to keep learning from great teachers to become someone who shares all that knowledge with the future generation of violinists. I want to follow the path of music education and fulfill my dreams by supporting students and inspiring young violinists.”

Juan Kunert, 11

Based in: Argentina

“My vision of myself in the future is to be a great violinist, compete and study or have studied in many places of the world of recognized fame and with great teachers. To achieve this I have studied with the best teachers within my possibilities so far, putting a lot of effort and dedication.”

Samuel Estanga, 20

Based in: Venezuela

“My preparation today will lead me to be the good quartetist and soloist that I envision I can be in the future. Studying at SVIMF has made me realize that I can bring teaching to many who need it and that path is one that I want to travel.”

Jana Paredes, 23

Based in: Perú

“Even though right now I mostly play classical music, I don’t really want to just play that genre. I want to play a lot of genres because what I love is music and I feel really happy playing anything. Music makes me forget I’m in this world.”

Esteban Castaneda, 22

Based in: Colombia

“I have learned over time that being a musician you learn to see and feel around us differently, and that above all you learn about values, to be disciplined, to be constant with studies, to be persevering, to be patient and to make an effort with each of the goals that we set ourselves both in personal life as a violinist.”

Juan Gabriel Hernandez, 15

Based in: Argentina

“My dream is to be a professor at a renowned academy or conservatory. My biggest goal is to win a violin competition, to continue improving myself and thus be able to cheer up and influence the people around me.”

Erick Ramos, 23

Based in: Perú

“Our instruments can not only give us the experience of standing on large stages and playing for 2,000 people seated in their seats, but they are also an instrument to impact our societies, where classical music is so difficult to reach: nursing homes , orphanages, hospitals, prisons, indigenous communities, etc. My goal and my dreams as a musician and artist are based on being able to be present where music, art and education are scarce; use this powerful tool to bring music to the warm hearts of these communities; to remain human and continue to create a positive impact for our planet, which has always been moved by the power of the message of music, generation after generation, decade after decade, century after century.”

Sebastian Cordeiro, 11

Based in: Venezuela

“My dream is to know more and more about my instrument and music every day, to be a humble violinist who always enjoys what he is playing and thus build a solo career.”