Mentors are volunteer teachers who provide individual guidance to Student Scholars through regular online lessons. These instructors are professional young artists, qualified through performing and teaching experience, who are also pursuing their own studies at music schools around the world. Their role in the Student Scholar Program offers them a space to develop their teaching style and professional networking skills.

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Sarah Qiu

Based in: Sydney, Australia

“I believe music connects deeply and wonderfully in a way no other activity can do. I have learnt focus, determination and resilience, and made some of the best friends I have, through music. Every and any musician out there deserves to access quality teachers and resources to achieve their musical aspirations. Dream on!”

Waleska Vallenilla

Based in: Caracas, Venezuela

“No estudies para ser perfecto, estudia para ser un gran artista. Lo primero te lleva a la frustración mientras que lo segundo te permite utilizar la música como un recurso para expresarte”

Erick Ramos

Based in: Lima, Peru

“If you really want it, with your hard work and effort, you will achieve it!”

Sol Ochoa

Based in: Boca Raton, United States

“I believe that art has the power of changing our perspectives about the world, and it is only when we imagine that things could be otherwise, that a change starts.”

Ana Sofia

Based in: Hattiesburg, United States

“La musica es parte de nuestra alma. Sin ella somos incompletos.”

Carlos Alberto Parra Urbina

Based in: Caracas, Venezuela

“Siempre parece imposible hasta que se hace” te invito a confiar en ti, continuar y perseguir todo eso que deseas, ya que de esta manera podrás predecir ese futuro que tanto anhelas. Nunca olvides que las oportunidades no ocurren, tú las creas.”

Luis Bernardo Castro

Based in: Caracas, Venezuela

“Our musical performance will always be tied to our understanding of the world and our instrument will be the tool that will transform these thoughts -energy- into something physically perceptible.”

Ausberto Rivas

Based in: Lima, Peru

“La enseñanza es el pilar fundamental del arte.”

Yixon Marin

Based in: Lima, Peru

“La vida sin la música sería un página en blanco, es eso mágico que transforma trasciende y llena ese vacío que no se puede ocupar con nada más.”

Leo Barraza

Based in: Crakovia, Poland

“La disciplina, es más importante que el talento.”

Samuel Estanga

Based in: San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela

“Para lograr un objetivo se necesita constancia, la cuál se traduce en un estilo de vida.”