Holger Barón

Educational Advisor


Holger Barón has over twenty-eight years of experience in teaching and arts management with the Simon Bolivar Music Foundation, better known as “El Sistema Program.” He resides as the current Director of Choirs and Symphony Orchestras (Colombia – Venezuela) and also works with independent musicians as an artistic coach and manager. Within “El Sistema,” he held responsibilities as a national orchestral workshop leader, director of youth choirs, director of youth and children’s symphony orchestras, professor of musical and artistic language, clarinet and percussion teacher, academic coordinator, and orchestral conductor. For the last 15 years, Mr. Holger has been considered by his communities as a promoter of art and education, and his work has made an impact in the lives of raising artists and organizations such as internationally-recognized violinist Samuel Vargas, Winner of the “Prodigios Competition” Jesus Gabriel Mendoza, Virtuoso Kids, Soluciones R&R, Kanaima Foundation, Venezuelan Adventist Music Centers, and Orquesta Indígena de Venezuela.


Mr. Barón has conducted various youth and professional symphony orchestras, including the Lara Symphony Orchestra, Los Llanos Occidental, Zuliana Youth, Adventist National Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, Youth Symphony Orchestra of Los Llanos, Symphony Orchestra “Oscar Oropeza”, National Philharmonic Orchestra of Venezuela, as well as Youth Orchestras from Guanare, Barinas, Cantaura Canaima, Cojedes, Acarigua – Araure, and Montalbán. He has been appointed Director of the Los Llanos violin festivals and the international percussion festival, and as choral conductor he directed various choirs in 1997 to 2005, such as the Portuguese Bar Association, Adventist Metropolitan Choir, and Los Llanos Symphonic Choir. 


As Educational Advisor, Mr. Baron oversees the structure, action, and impact of all of the educational programs. Through the construction of engaging communication, he works to promote brand development and marketing strategies in every outreach opportunity.