Dr. Dalila Teixeira

Director of Psychological Education


Dr. Dalila Teixeira is an internationally recognized Medical Surgeon and Psychiatrist who  graduated from the Central University of Venezuela and has gained over 20 years of clinical experience in the area of ​​mental health. Dr. Teixeira also earned degrees in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (AVEPANE), Teaching (Una), and Psychodrama as a Psychodramatic Auxiliary (Venezuelan School of Psychodrama and the Ibero-American Forum on Psychodrama). She currently works in private clinical practices, conducting experiential meetings to bring patients psychological tools and strategies which allow them to develop and maintain emotional well-being. 


Her work experience includes more than 25 years in public administration for hospital and institutional care including: Psychiatric Hospital of Caracas, Guatire Hospital, Deputy of the Mental Health Coordination of the Federal District, and Medical Coordinator of the IPASME Acarigua-Araure. Since 2016, she complements her past experience with what she calls her purpose and mission in life, “Building Emotional Well-being.” By combining her knowledge and personal experiences, this project brings to more people the possibility of obtaining quality psychological and professional guidance.


Dr. Teixeira, works directly with the founder, Samuel Vargas, revising, evaluating, and designing material in the area of psychological education to support the holistic growth of every student in SVIMF’s programs.