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My Teaching Philosophy


“Since I work with the mental models and the reality of each of my students, my educational philosophy allows me to increase the scope and effectiveness of my teaching. In this way, I have the possibility of identifying the current state of my students, starting a transitioning process and finally reaching the desired state. My pedagogical strategies are holistic and comprehensive, since together, they approach the teaching of the violin and music from the inner being.

Teaching is an exciting phenomenon that requires the separation of my individual self to bring me closer, understand, and focus on the unique characteristics of each of my students, which helps them to reveal their violinistic personality. As a Neuro-linguistic Coach, I develop effective techniques to resolve technical and musical difficulties, psychological and emotional barriers, and any other agent of sabotage that may arise in the growth of my students. My pedagogical methodology allows students to discover their artistic identity through the implementation of a series of mechanisms, such as proactive listening, a healthy relationship of interdependence and the promotion of the values ​​behind the goal as an incentive for continued growth.”