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Your support makes our dreams a reality.

“Do you still remember when you needed the support of others to take small steps in order to fulfill your dreams?  Now that you have the opportunity to help others, would you be willing to be the reason why someone else’s little steps can make their dream become a reality?  Join us in this process–let us build a quality educational environment for these young people and make their wishes come true.”

~Samuel Vargas

Donate Instrumental Accessories

We often find ourselves in situations where resources are scarce and the possibilities are very limited. What can we do when we dream of something but do not have the resources to achieve it? The Samuel Vargas International Music Foundation aspires to fill these gaps by providing the resources, accessories and materials necessary for those who dream and wish to continue their studies and personal development.

Donations act as the bridge that enables our young students to continue on their path to success. A student who has educational material, strings, an instrument, a metronome, is a student who is immediately closer to the goal. But how? What is it about? A student with access to music education is a young person who is enriched in knowledge, spirit and soul.

More and more people join the cause of our foundation through the delivery of new or used strings, sheet music, strings, bow hair, accessories, among many other materials that will benefit many young people in the American continent. Remember! Every contribution counts no matter how small. A little action can cause a big change.

Donations are also collected by our Ambassadors who spread the purpose of the Foundation in secondary and post-secondary school throughout the country. These donations are sent to our headquarters in Columbus, GA, where they are selected, classified, and packaged for distribution.

Interested in donating?

Send a message to us of the items or accessories you would like to donate to our foundation. Once we confirm your email and donation items, you may send them to our temporary office:

510 Broadway Apt 212, Columbus, GA, 31901

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

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